​​C H A T E A U   I M P O R T S  

About chateau BRANDS ltd

At Chateau Brands we believe that true success is more than growing a wine and spirit portfolio. Working close with our producers, understanding their needs and helping them to increase their brand awareness are the main arguments of our partnership. Part of Chateau Brands mission is also to free them of the administrative burden by providing support services to enter the U.S. alcoholic beverage industry.



From Europe to South America, our worldwide team of experts selects wines and spirits from producers that have a unique or specific distinction in making their products. From small to medium size productions, preferably with organic or sustainable cultivation, Chateau Brands offers to their customers a range of wines and spirits from Superior to Premium quality at a competitive price.
Our strong partnership with producers, enable us to provide our customers specific requirement. Our focus is to establish a substantial and preferred distribution network to uphold the reputation of quality and traceability of our products.