​​C H A T E A U   I M P O R T S  

Our dedicated team of experts are constantly looking for distinctive, unique wines and spirits to satisfy a wide range of taste and pleasure to drink.




Chateau Brands mission is to provide our wholesalers and retailers with a selective range of wines and spirits.  No “grand label” nor trend is to be found on our selection, only unique and fine wines and spirits. By sourcing our products directly from the producer where quality is foremost, where the passion and respect of the terroir remain, we ensure the distinctive and high quality of our products maintaining a competitive price. Chateau Brands understands its customer needs and requirements from individual to large distribution business therefore achieving total customers satisfaction.

Meeting with the winegrower,  understanding his philosophy and expectations, developing a strong partnership and growing brand awareness, make the first step of our selection.


The principle of selling is to make profit. Buying the right product at the right price is the key to viability. Working with us, you will get a great product at a competitive price.